Popular Yoga Poses and Its Benefits

Yoga is the to-do exercise form that modern women and men alike practice. Ancient and growing in popularity very few do not know what yoga is. Several great advantages of yoga is the fact that you do not need to go to gym and what is even more advantageous is the fact that very little space is required. Most yoga poses can be done on a simple yoga mat and a small space. Yoga’s main purpose is relaxation and meditation and incredibly relaxing, whilst having both spiritual and health benefits.

Some of the most popular poses with thirty most practiced include some of the following, which are easy for beginners to start with:

  • The mountain pose or Tadasana – this is the blueprint of all poses that directs you to the moment you are in and promoting balance
  • The Chair or Utkatasana – this pose strengthens shoulders, back and legs and you will feel the burn
  • Downward Facing Dog – lengthens your torso by strengthening shoulders, upper back and legs
  • Puppy Dog on Chair or Modified Downward Facing Dog – challenging and similar to the classic pose it lengthens your spine, open shoulders while stretching hamstrings
  • Warrior Two – steadies your mind and great calming effect that increases stamina and strengthening ankles and legs
  • Triangle – is great to expand your body and promotes strength in inner thighs, stretching hamstrings and promotes great balance
  • The Tree – strengthens outer hips and arches while improving balance and concentration
  • The Bridge – this is an energizing pose that helps the digestive tract, reducing anxiety and calming the mind during stretching of the spine and neck and opening your chest
  • Bound Angle – cooling and calming whilst stretching your groin and inner thighs
  • Corpse – gives what it suggests and it is simple, yet effective while you absorb the practice of yoga.