Popular Yoga Retreats around the World

Let us reawaken our charkas is a popular saying and more companies, including large corporations such as bahistanbul.info , hotels.com and eat take their employees on yoga weekends and teambuilding events and getaways. It is growing in popularity and from seasoned yogis to novices enjoy these relaxing and often spiritual gatherings. Some of the top places and retreats in the world are found in India, Indonesia, The Bahamas, and New Zealand. Almost any country has several great places, but one thing they all have in common is its uttermost beauty, relaxed atmosphere and expert instructors.

Spain is one of the healthiest climates with luxury settings and its aim at inner peace with additional activities such as pampering massages, kayaking, mountain biking and coastal hikes, if yoga is not enough. Montana in the USA offers women-only, all-inclusive retreats popular for all ages especially in Bozeman. Here you find retreat featuring cozy western cabins in the mountain ranges north of Yellowstone Park, River Ranches, as well as cross country ski lodges with excellent yoga instructors. Paradise Island in Nassau in the Bahamas offers yogis swaying palm trees on white beaches with crystal blue waters. Hatha yoga is one of this paradise island’s most popular yoga practices.

In Bali is some of the world’s most exclusive retreats with incredible uplifting settings surrounded by clear water and jungles. Here hatha yoga is equally popular on hilltops running at different times by specialists. In the Indian Himalayan foothills, Yoga is at the core of the popular resort, Vana Malsi Estate. In Italy is some of the world’s classic luxury Italian resorts in the Italian countryside in Mediteranean-style retreats from its countryside hospitality to expert yoga lessons from beginners and experts alike. Yogis can explore yoga in style abroad a luxury Croatian yacht with hidden beaches, charming villages while yoga is at its core.