Yoga Practicing During Pregnancy

Many expectant mothers love the idea of yoga during pregnancy, which could be a subtle reminder of being there for your baby while still taking care of your own health and body. One of the most popular poses is the cat stretch, which allows expectant mothers that they are in fact wrapping their bodies around their unborn child. Prenatal yoga prepares mothers to prepare not only their bodies, but also open their minds to the demands of the pregnancy itself, the labor that follows and then motherhood.

Yoga is especially great during the first trimester simply because so many changes happen inside the mother’s body even though nothing is visible from the outside. Previous yoga experience is important and this will largely influence the type of poses a newly expectant mother will practice. Usually an expectant mother in her first trimester can practice basic poses, but it is nevertheless essential to listen to your body and trust your instincts.

Great exercises in the first trimester include most of the standing poses such as the warrior one, two and three poses, extended side angle pose and extended triangle pose. Some of the balance poses including the Eagle pose and Tree pose are also good as long as you are close to a wall for balance. Two important aspects is to strengthen the pelvic floor and leg muscles during later pregnancy stages.

Two poses you must avoid include the revolved side angle pose and revolved triangle poses as it puts unnecessary pressure on your abdominal cavity. Key yoga poses which are great for flexibility during delivery are the wide-angle seated forward bend and the bound angle pose as it also promotes great hip opening capabilities. Back stretching poses such as the reclining big toe pose and reclining bound angle pose are good to stretch your back during your pregnancy too.